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“You can only get to know the power of your own success , when you first find out who you really are yourself!”

With personal coaching you can reach a higher level as a professional athlete!

In this coaching program I work together with Pyretta van der Woude-Wijnia as a psychosocial therapist.

As a football player you are always working to develop your talent. Sometimes you perform as expected and at other times you perform less well.  Moreover, as an elite athlete you have to deal with a lot of things  in your career. This can range from dealing with injuries, dealing with stress, expectations, disappointments, criticism, controlling your emotions, performing under pressure, stress, etc.

But how will you deal with these emotions? And who has ever taught you how to get back at feeling great ?
In this coaching program you will find out who you really are and then you will get to know the power of your own success.


We believe that sheer physical training (body) and mental coaching (mind)  are not entirely sufficient to lift up yourself to a higher level  as a  professional football player.
In order to continue to deliver top performance, it is important to use body, mind & soul. With soul we mean your feelings,  your intuition. This intuition is your Personal Power.
In this coaching program, you  will learn how your brain and your intuition can regain contact.  This allows you to let go more of the control and to  rely on your intuition = Personal Power.
Having confidence in your own Personal Power is essential to be able to deliver even better performance!

As ZIPcoach (Self Regulation In Practice), we accompany you in this process. ZIP is a didactic method by which I can guide the athlete  while coaching the program. Also I work with you in a structured way to improve your self-regulatory skills: reflection, goal setting, planning and evaluation. This helps you as an athlete  to learn more efficiently and so you will learn to enhance your performance in sports. Besides this increases your self-confidence and  it also helps you to focus during exercise. With the method ZIPcoach ® we create a climate of self-regulation in three phases in which we create space for you to work towards your talent development.

The duration of this coaching program is 3 to 6 months. During this process, we analyze and observe you during matches.

For more information and/or to create a free introductory meeting, please contact Maarten de Jong: 06-53768561/Pyretta van der Woude: 06-41203178

Pele van Anholt has followed this coaching program in 2016. 2017/2018 Season – Pele is this season under contract with LA Galaxy.

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